Our first tower Link

65ft high initial link

Our first tower link was installed on top of our data center where our internet service is established. It is approximately 65ft off the ground on top of a 3 story building.

The other end of our initial tower link was 45ft high on a wooden utility pole at our main shop. This first link was a proof-of-concept for us that provided exceptional results despite not being very high. We were able to connect with 100mb speeds and 20ms ping times to google.com! This was 10x more bandwidth than we had with our old provider and the ping times were double before! We were so happy with the results, we immediately registered our new name "Kuhl AirNET" with the state of Iowa and the FCC.

With our proof-of-concept perfectly sound, we set off to raise our height to take full capability if the 1200mb connection our wireless link is capable of! We purchased a 150ft tall commercial grade monopole similar to what a cell phone carrier would use to replace the wooden pole. We also got what we needed to raise the rooftop unit another 20ft.

ABOVE: Here is our 150ft tower loaded on a trailer ready to head to our shop! BELOW: Our 150ft tower installed in its previous life as a cell phone tower.